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I hope you have enjoyed reading about Spring/Summer Gift Markets 2017. Products are arriving daily, and although the Painted Door website has new offerings every week, our Boutique has even more!  So don’t hesitate to call if you are looking for that special something, or better yet if ever in OKC, we would love to have you as our Guest.

                                                                                     come and enjoy…avis


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New York Market

3/8/2017 4:11 PM

Here we are in NYC, a giant amongst Cities and home to the most famous lady of all…Liberty. This Market is indeed unique-featuring products from throughout the world with many only shown here. For three days we shopped, and now are very excited to add these beautiful items to the Painted Door 'Mix'.

                                                                                     come and enjoy…avis


Tonia and Avis in Time Square!


Great views of the New York City skyline from inside market

Great Finds

Tonia, Kim Erixon, and Avis

A beautiful beaded octopus created by Kim Erixon  of Kim Erixon Arts and Design

Great gifts  for kids. Tin boxes  with a train set or a zoo.

It is relaxing to watch as the falling sand mark the passing of time.

Avis chooses a ruana wrap for Painted Door.

This mystery character was wondering around Market giving out hugs – you can never have too many hugs!

Good bye New York City! See you next time!!

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Dallas Market 2017

3/1/2017 2:48 PM

Next stop…Dallas our neighbor to the South, where Black Gold and Urban Cowboys still rule the West. Some would say that everything is bigger and better in Texas. And for certain, this Dallas Market was something special - beautiful products, fresh ideas, and lots of genuine Texas hospitality. We are excited to bring all of this home to Painted Door, so please

                                                                                     come and enjoy…avis


Jellycat! Odell Octopus snuggling  with Tonia and Avis. He is SO SOFT and his tentacles are textur-ific!

World Trade Center in Dallas


Exciting New Vendors


Playful patterns and lightweight fabrics make these tops easy to wear. Add a pair of leggings and go! Fabulous!

This teeny guardian angel mouse will be your constant companion. Just tuck her in her tiny suitcase and you are on your way!

Good Friends

Tonia, Susan Bennett, and Avis
Susan is the Rep for Old World Ornaments which has been in the Painted Door  since Avis opened over 25 years ago.

Tonia, Sandy Deane and Avis

San Diego Hats! Yes Please! Choose your favorite and you are ready for Spring!

These turtles live in the Trade Mart Building at Dallas Market. There truly is something here for everyone!

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Atlanta Market 2017

2/8/2017 10:40 AM

A Personal Note From Avis

So here we are in Atlanta, a city filled with Fortune 500 companies and unforgettable touches of the South. Markets are our opportunity to find the best and most special items to bring home and share with you. Over the course of 4 days here, we see thousands of products, lots of interesting people, and gather fresh ideas to create a memorable visit at Painted Door.

                                                                                     come and enjoy…avis


Atlanta Market is 3 inter-connected buildings with over 7,200 brands vying for our attention. Market is always a fun and exciting time searching for the wonderful products we know you, our customer will Love!

It is good to see old friends! Tonia and Avis with Niven Morgan. Painted Door has carried Niven’s product since he started his business in 1998. We are excited to add the Body Butter and Laundry Wash to our Niven Morgan Gold collection.

We found products from current Vendors...

Red Lip Purse, just a little more Bling!

Specialty handcrafted items...who can resist silk and lace

Exciting New Vendors

This line of party products is the perfect way to put your ‘Par Tay’ over the top! Fabulous for brunch, garden parties, office parties, or for adding that special to dinners at home.

Sometimes we get a little goofy at market … Oklahoma is upside down! We were excited to meet Lucy Pellizzer . Her company has partnered with the Minneapolis College of Art and Design to create  towels that are exclusive one-of-kind designs, and truly small pieces of art that are affordable, useful and a great addition to any kitchen.

Avis loved chatting with Lucy about her trip down Route 66 and her visit to Miami, OK!

These colorful,playful bowls are soversatile...use them in the kitchen for food or condiments, in the bathroom for cotton balls, or as a catchall for keys and wallet. The possibilities are endless!

This Cold Shoulder top is Avis and Tonia’s favorite finds at Atlanta Market!

These wooden signs look like they were typed on an old typewriter and say all the things you would like to say if you had time to sit down and type them!

Perfect Nursery sign!

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VisitOKC Guest Blogger: Britta Newton-Tarron, features owner, Avis Scaramucci. Avis describes Painted Door’s opening in September 1991, Painted Door’s welcoming atmosphere, and shopping at Painted Door is more than shopping – it is an experience. “The goal ever remains that when a person leaves, I hope they always feel even better than when they came. That’s a unique service in a day and age when everything is becoming more automated, more impersonal. But that’s the thing I find so important about Painted Door.” – Avis
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Helen Ford Wallace, Features Society Editor for The Oklahoman, invited Avis Scaramucci, owner of the Painted Door, to talk about the special events planned for the 25th Anniversary of her store. "The rule ever remains that when you walk into the Painted Door you can just put aside whatever is going outside the door. Just come in and stay awhile and enjoy yourself and see beautiful items. We take pride in taking good care of you." – Avis
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Bricktown's Painted Door debuts remodel for 25th anniversary

By Brianna Bailey, For The Oklahoman

Pioneering Bricktown retailer Painted Door, 124 E Sheridan, is celebrating its silver anniversary this week with a newly remodeled store.

Since founding Painted Door in southwest Oklahoma City in 1991, owner Avis Scaramucci's shop has become one of the oldest surviving gift boutiques in Oklahoma City.

"It kind of makes me one of the oldest retail stores around, and that's kind of cool," she said.

While most small businesses don't survive past the first year, Scaramucci said part of the secret to her success was plain hard work. There were many years she worked long hours to get Painted Door off the ground, she said.

"I was able to build a base and even though that base changes as some people leave or move away, you've got to keep building that base," Scaramucci said. "You've also got to keep putting yourself out there and advertising in whatever way works for you."

Renovations begin

In September 2015, renovations began at the Painted Door gift boutique including the addition of a kitchen, new windows to provide extra space for displays, new carpet and paint. The Painted Door also received a new color scheme for the store logo and gift wrap.

The new demonstration kitchen overlooking Bricktown provides space for Scaramucci to prepare food for her customers to sample. The red-and-black kitchen features glittery sliver and rhinestone cabinet handles, in keeping with Scaramucci's personal style.

"The kitchen gave me the ability to cook and serve things before they bought it, and people like to eat," she said.

The Painted Door is featuring food samples and in-store visits from vendors this week to celebrate its anniversary.

Scaramucci opened her gift shop as Painted Door Gallery in September 1991 at 8601 S Western.

The shop sold antiques, gourmet food items, and bath and body care products, among other items. Using her own recipes for pies and cakes, Nonna's Bakery opened in 1995 in the building on Western with seating for 24.

In 2005, Scaramucci moved Nonna's and the Painted Door to a refurbished and remodeled warehouse in Bricktown. Nonna's closed its doors Jan. 1, 2015, and the space is now occupied by West Bar and Restaurant.

Article photos

Painted Door owner Avis Scaramucci stands in the store's new demo kitchen as she talks about Painted Door's 25th year in business in Oklahoma City. [Photo by Bryan Terry, The Oklahoman]

The Painted Door gift boutique has been open for 25 years, first in south Oklahoma City and now in Bricktown. The shop recently underwent a makeover. [Photo by Bryan Terry, The Oklahoman]

Painted Door owner Avis Scaramucci stands in the store's new demo kitchen as she talks about Painted Door's 25th year in business in Oklahoma City. [Photo by Bryan Terry, The Oklahoman]

Christmas ornaments inside the Painted Door in Oklahoma City. [Photo by Bryan Terry, The Oklahoman]

Painted Door owner Avis Scaramucci. [Photo by Bryan Terry, The Oklahoman]

Painted Door owner Avis Scaramucci stands in the store's new demo kitchen as she talks about Painted Door's 25th year in business in Oklahoma City. [Photo by Bryan Terry, The Oklahoman]

Painted Door owner Avis Scaramucci stands in the store's new demo kitchen as she talks about Painted Door's 25th year in business in Oklahoma City. [Photo by Bryan Terry, The Oklahoman]

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Oklahoma Gazette

9/21/2016 2:48 PM

Painted Door Gift Boutique’s 25th Anniversary


Painted Door gift boutique is 25 years old! It celebrates its birthday in style through Saturday by serving birthday punch, wine and treats and inviting special vendors to its shop. Special guests at the OKC clothing and gift staple include Roxanne Wagner with Sorrelli jewelry, Sandy Deane, Lindsay Harkness, Judy Blackburn, Susan Bennett with Old World Christmas ornaments, Debbie Framel and Emilie Ryder and others. Painted Door, 124 E. Sheridan Ave, is open 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Sundays and 10 a.m.- 7 p.m. Mondays-Saturdays.
[Photo on file, Oklahoma Gazette]

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